i g y o o

Concept/performance : Éé, Samuel Fried
light design : Gioia Scanzi
Costume design : Theres Indermauer
Production management: Eva Winkler-Ebner

Produced by : Theater Tuchlaube Aarau, Tanzhaus Zürich, Fluoressenz Zürich

Supported by : Tanzzentrale der Region Nürnberg

2013 – Igyoo could be the expression of an oddly tidy chaos. It is about the fatal outcome of the order it aspires to. In Igyoo Fluoressenz changes the meaning of familiar situations and questions their rationality through choreography and music. The transformations play with ideas and their representation – finding unexpected harmony through contradictions, disruptions, and incoordination. Within this, Fluoressenz maintains a strong sense of structure, regularly returning to the clavichord, whose baroque music serves as a baseline throughout the piece. Although traditionally a quiet, unimposing instrument, here the clavichord is amplified, giving it an unexpected presence and in fact making it the protagonist of Igyoo. The performers` relationship is never defined, but is nevertheless accepted by viewers in its intangibility. Can a new logic see the day?