Premiere : 2.10.2014
Produced by : Internationales Tanz Festival Ingolstadt
Supported by : Centre National de la Danse Paris and Mousonturm Frankfurt

Camille Paglia is a self-described dissident feminist. I will look into her analysis of Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds. She interprets the film as portraying “a release of primitive forces of sex and appetite that have been subdued but never fully tamed”. This leads me to Hitchcock’s acute sense of women’s magic paralleled that of the surrealist painter. How far is this women’s magic a product of social conditioning and commercial manipulation? While feminism says, “No more masks.” Madonna says we are nothing but masks. And while Camille Paglia praises Madonna’s work i have to think that all this may be a strategy of defense against turbulent reality. This solo work of 20 minutes is an attempt to question downstream through choreography. I deconstruct my sources, bring them together into dances and dig for its expressive power.


Concept : Éé
video-essay made of food-footage (2014) for the solo-work Birds
support : Internationales Tanz Festival Ingolstadt