1985, lives in Zürich

She has worked full-time as a dancer for about 10 years in about 40 choreographic pieces, either attached to national theatres, or freelancing with project-based companies in Spain, Germany, Scotland, Belgium and Switzerland. In 2013, she co-founds the group Fluoressenz together with Samuel Fried. Together they create several works. From the same year on, she follows the MA CuP programme at the Institute for Applied Theatre Studies Gießen with philosopher Prof. Bojana Kunst. In 2014, further to one-year Programme at Abbaye de Royaumont (FR), she co-initiates the artist group L’APPEL with a focus on site-specific proposals. In 2016 she is guest choreographer and workshop leader for Overseas Culture Interchange in Brazil and Lebanon. Among her latest works she created NU together with Yannis Mandafounis. Émilia is YAA, Younth Associated Artist at Gessnerallee Zürich 2017/2018. This year the City of Zürich support the research TRANS:PLANT Y, a collaboration with dramaturge Grégoire Paultre Negel, and crystallising for 5 months with labs and iconographic walks. October 3rd, 2019 is the Premiere of a new piece at the Gessnerallee Theaterhaus Zürich.

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